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13 placements being used by Utkarsh Agrochem on Facebook and Instagram

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

We are proud and delighted to have Utkarsh Agrochem -

onboard as our client.

The Digital Dukaan of Utkarsh Agrochem is fully activated now.

Checkout how Utkarsh Agrochem is using the placements of its ad on Facebook and Instagram.

Campaign Objective: Lead Generation

Mobile News Feed

Digital Marketing of Utkarsh Agrochem by Digital Dukaan Magnadism
Mobile News Feed on Facebook

Whenever you are surfing Facebook on your mobile phone, you will notice ads of various brands coming in between.

The format of the creative is called Carousel Ads. A Carousel Ad format allows us to use up to 10 images. The call to action here is to LEARN MORE. On clicking the call to action button, a form will pop up in your Facebook app itself with contact details and custom questions to be filled in.

Once the end-user will fill the form and submit, the inquiry will be submitted via MeraCRM to the team of Utkarsh Agrochem who will be doing the lead qualification. While I am writing this, leads have already started coming in.

Desktop News Feed

Digital Marketing Lead Generation Facebook Magnadism Digital Dukaan
This is how an Ad appears on your Desktop News Feed

Maximum people use Facebook on their mobile phones, but you cannot leave the desktop users (includes laptops and computers). Often people who are using Facebook for more business-oriented purposes use it on Desktop.

Mobile Marketplace Feed

If you will observe while using Facebook on your mobile phone, you will find recommendations of the Marketplace in your newsfeed. The Marketplace on Facebook is the space where users post their products to buy and sell. It is good to advertise there because you can get good traction from that audience who is already in the mindset of buying something.

Instant Articles

It is known to all that Facebook is not just about sharing and connecting with friends and family. It is also about being updated with the latest news and updates of the world.

Instant Articles on Facebook are majorly used by content creators and media houses. You might have observed that the website/articles of certain media houses load much faster within Facebook itself. That is because of this amazing tool of Facebook.

Yes, we are advertising on those Instant Articles as well targeting the audience who reads and follows news and content on Facebook and is not just limited to Likes & Comments on their friends' posts.

Desktop Marketplace Feed

When you are surfing the Facebook Marketplace on Desktop, you will observe ads as shown in the above screenshot. Utkarsh Agrochem is targeting the impressions on the Facebook Marketplace across India. But is being shown to the most relevant target audience who can be their prospects.

Desktop Marketplace Details Page

When you click on any of the listing and open to see more details, you will find an advertisement on that page as well.

Marketplace Category Feed & Details Page

There are various categories of products being listed on Facebook Marketplace like Vehicles, Property Rentals, Apparel, Classifieds, Electronics, Entertainment, Family, Free Stuff, Garden & Outdoor, Hobbies, Home Goods, Home Improvement Supplies, Home Sales, Musical Instruments, Office Supplies, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, Toys & Games, Groups, and so on.

Marketplace Search Results (Mobile)

Often people search for some product or service on the Marketplace. The ad will be shown below the search results. If the audience is searching for a relatable product then the chances to click through on the ad will be higher.

General Search Results (Mobile)

The same is the case with the General Search Results.

Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are really getting popular because of its unique feature of being published for 24 hours only. There are certain things that people want to share with their social network only for a day or so. Stories are often used to share success stories, recent updates about personal or professional life, birthday wishes, and a lot more. The audience surfing Stories is more focussed and is looking out for new updates. It is a great space to promote your products/services there.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Stories

Facebook In-Stream Video (Mobile)

Facebook In-Stream Video (Desktop)

Instagram Explore Feed

Instagram Explore Video

The above are the placements where Utkarsh Agrochem is promoting its recent campaign targeting the farmers planning for Mango and Sugarcane crops.

We are confident that the Utkarsh Agrochem team will get the best out of their Social Media Marketing Campaign.

Content and Image Courtesy:

Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Marketplace


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