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Advertise on Google Display Networks | Youtube | News Websites Like Times of India | Gaana, JioSaavn

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If you want your brand to reach to its potential customers wherever they are then you are at the right place. Often, you might have noticed ads of brands reaching out to you via different media. We can do it right for your brand. Read further to know more about the most unexplored Digital Marketing tool i.e.

Google Display Ads | Digital Marketing

Advertise on Google, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, and other Google Apps, Display Networks associated with Google, like News websites, Music Websites, and similar.

As a digital marketing consultant, it is very important to provide the complete platter of digital marketing services to our clients. Advertising on Google Display Networks (GDN) has always excited us a lot. We have recently launched a campaign for Bharat Petroleum's Utsavo No Ullas 2020 on GDN. We will be talking about it in detail in the later part of this blog.

First, let us talk about Google Display Ads.

You might be surfing Google almost on a daily basis. You land upon any of the Google products like YouTube, Maps, Calendar, Gmail, and so on almost every day.

Apart from Google products, you may also be surfing the World Wide Web for knowledge, information, or entertainment. For an instance, you may have surfed a news website like that of Times of India (ToI) or NDTV, or surfed music sites like Gaana or JioSaavn.

Have a look at the below screenshot of the Times of India's website's home page.

We have linked the websites above in this blog if you want to have a look at their current web-page with live ads for better understanding.

As you can see, Philips has done the campaign of their trimmer. You may find some different ad if you will load the ToI website today.

Let us see various platforms, sizes, and formats of the Google Display Ads.

Ads on News / Content Publishers like ToI or NDTV

Ads on Music Sites like Gaana or JioSaavn

You just saw a lot of ads in the above screenshots often called Google Banner Ads. Various top brands and top marketing agencies have adopted this medium to promote their brands.

YouTube Display Ads

There is a lot to write and talk about for YouTube Advertising which we will cover in our upcoming blogs. As of now, you can see how Godaddy has advertised via video at the start of any content we play on YouTube.

Mobile Views of Display Ads

As you have just seen various spaces being so well utilized by various top brands on Google Display Networks, you can also promote your brand with our expertise in online marketing.

If you are looking for sales via an online marketing business, then you can not skip Google Digital Marketing.

Using GIFs in Display Ads

Check out this smart display campaign done by Godrej Kala HIT.

It is the GIF format. It is a good idea to use GIFs to attract eyeballs.

Some brands even use Video Ad formats. URLs of your YouTube videos can be used. Sizes and formats will be covered in upcoming blogs.

How Google shows you ads?

Google has interesting ways of showing you ads. The right internet marketing strategy would be to know this before releasing your campaigns.

Google never sells your personal information to anyone. You might have been often bugged while filling up the Sign-up form on any Google's product or any other social media or website. This data is used to show you relevant ads based on your activity online.

Only a few top digital marketing companies have focused on the power of Google Display Ads. Monkey Ads is a strong believer in using the power of Google's Display Network.

If you will interact with any digital marketing expert, he or she will definitely include the Google display network in your digital marketing strategy.

Check out these various banners we have designed for our upcoming campaign for Bharat Petroleum's SmartDrive App for BPCL Utsavo No Ullas 2020.

This is how these ads are already live while writing this blog and will be running till the end of this month.

BPCL Utsavo No Ullas 2020 | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

SUZUKI Two Wheelers presents Bharat Petroleum's 'ઉત્સવો નો ઉલ્લાસ'

Powered by Suzuki Motorcycle India

Holiday Partner: Club Mahindra

Media & Marketing: WooHoo Screens & Digital Dukaan by Magnadism Solutions Pvt Ltd

Discount Partner:

Gift Partners: Shree Sainath Stores & Kencook

ભાગ લેવા આજે જ ડાઉનલોડ કરો

The winners of the gifts will be selected via a lucky draw after the completion of the scheme. For more details stay tuned to the Social Media Handles of BPCL Utsavo No Ullas 2020. To know more about how to participate in this campaign, kindly click here.

We are confident that the BPCL Surat Territory team will get the best out of their Internet Marketing Campaign.

The next time you search for a Digital Marketing agency near me, we are sure to hit you in the right spot.

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Content and Image Courtesy:

YouTube | Times of India | NDTV | Gaana | JioSaavn (hyperlinked in the blog)

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