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25 best tools of BNI Connect you must not miss in your BNI Membership

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

Open Networking

Courtesy: Prof. Gayatri - Indian School of Business

Special Thanks: Ms Surbhi Saxena Madhwani

Personal BNI Goals


Courtesy: Prof. Gayatri - Indian School of Business

Special Thanks: Ms Surbhi Saxena Madhwani

Why Reputation Matters

There are 7 steps of converting a stranger to a client :

1. Know

2. Like

3. Trust

4. Try

5. Buy

6. Repeat

7. Refer

Skills & Knowledge alone are not enough, you need to have a Reputation.

Why Reputation Matters:

1. Bad Reputation will kill your business

2. You should be at the top of the mind awareness

3. It’s not enough to be the best, you have to be seen as the best

REP – Reason Everyone Pays

BNI Connect is your PRM - Personal Reputation Maximiser

VCP with BNI Connect

◼ Filling out your profile is crucial in establishing VISIBILITY in BNI Connect. What you enter into your profile can help to instantly build CREDIBILITY.

◼ As Dr. Ivan Misner says: Having an incomplete profile is like taking an ad out in the newspaper and leaving the page blank.

First thing's first.

Update your Profile on BNI Connect

Main Profile

How to embed a video URL in your BNI Connect Profile?

User Profile

Contact Details

Account Settings


Training History


My Network


Simply click on the above link (even openable from your mobile browser). It will ask you to log in first and then you can punch a testimonial by searching for the right member.

BNI Connect Mobile Application

Download links for BNI Connect Mobile App:

Share Contacts via BNI Connect Mobile App

WhatsApp Groups

Facebook Groups

V Score

LT Tips

Success Stories

Feedback & Suggestions

Recommend me on LinkedIn

Positive Quote

"It is not because of the idea that it sells.

It is because of the seller."

- Palak Madhwani

Find a chapter via PIN CODE:

Visitor Registration Link for Alchemist Chapter

Important Links for BNI Surat members

BNI Surat Website:

BNI Surat Facebook Page:

BNI Surat Youtube Channel:

BNI Surat Instagram handle:

BNI Surat LinkedIn Page:

National and International links for BNI members

BNI International Website

BNI India Website:

BNI Connect

Literature for Learning about BNI and its tools

BNI U - BNI University

BNI Podcasts

BNI Connect Youtube Channel (2017)

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