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Checklist of Ideas in 2022 on What to speak in LIVE on Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We frequently discuss issues like how to interact with consumers as business consultants. How do we determine what they desire? How can we influence society's hot-button issues? How can we win over clients' loyalty? How do we interact with our audience on a personal level so that they perceive us as an integral part of their everyday lives?

Through this blog, we respond to each of these queries.

Social media as we all know is a part of the communication world. We all live two lives. The recent life we all live is the life on social media. Each social media has a different way of engaging the audience. Posts, videos, reels, polls, quizzes are all definitely a part of presenting your business ideas and services to the audience. However, none of them help to have a “two way communication”. Can posts directly have the feature to know how the audience reacts? Do stories help us see whether or not the audience likes them? Can we directly know what the customer reaction is? Surely, there is an option of comments and direct messages but do ALL the viewers who view our posts/reels/stories give their feedback? No, right?

Social media live (be it IG Live, FB Live or YouTube Live) are a fantastic way to stay in touch with people in real-time, including your favorite celebrities, with the added benefit of occasionally hearing crucial viewpoints.

If you are hosting or participating in an IG/FB/YouTube live, keep this in mind.

Plan Your Live Session Beforehand

Live sessions are never a quick gig. A good live session is the one which serves a purpose. So, defining a purpose is very important. This allows you to inform your audience well in advance so that they can keep themselves free and provides you plenty of time to choose your guest, if you choose to have one. Building anticipation on Instagram is a great way to encourage participation. In addition, you might let your fans choose the best time or day to join your IG live by asking them for their input through Polls, QnA options in stories.

You can even ask your audience topics they want to discuss, listen. If you are calling upon an expert, you can share his/her background with the audience and collect the questions that the audience has for them. This can be done through comments and QnA sessions on stories.

The benefits of inviting a visitor (guest speaker) over

You have the opportunity to broaden your audience by inviting someone to join you on your livestream. Now, in addition to serving those who will use that person's account to log in, you are also serving yourself. Simply said, this doubles your audience. Additionally, having a dialogue is always preferable to giving a monologue.

Punctuality is the key

If you have stated that your LIVE will begin at 11:00 AM, then arrive/start promptly. Make it known to your guest that you value punctuality. This makes you appear more credible to your viewers. Starting it late sends in a negative message to the views. Late lateefs are never admired or taken seriously. Thus, you as a business should ensure you start your Live Session on time.

As soon as your LIVE begins, start interacting with people.

Although there may be opposing points of view on this, I don't believe everyone has the time to attend a LIVE session in its entirety. Many individuals end up looking it over later, as and when they have the time. While it may take a few minutes for your audience to grow in real-time, it's always a good idea to start conversing (even if it's just general small conversation) so that others watching later won't have to see you aimlessly stare or shift your gaze for the first five minutes.

Next comes WHAT to talk about in Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Live:

  • Live, unscripted interview where you answer questions about yourself. Make use of the chance to be yourself and establish a connection with your audience.

  • Give a live demonstration of your product or service. A live demonstration aids in product education. Both sales and trust are increased.

  • Share your knowledge. Give your best industry advice to your audience. Your material must be valuable to your audience if you want to connect with and build it.

  • A live Q&A session on subjects pertaining to your business or interests. It's a fantastic method to interact with your viewers and position oneself as an authority.

  • Make your content known. An excellent technique for promoting other material you generate is live video. For instance, you can go live and alert your audience of a new blog post or YouTube video while providing some further information on the subject.

  • Make training or webinars that are live. Webinars can be a great way to inform and benefit your audience. By encouraging them to join up with an email address, you have the opportunity to create leads as well.

  • Show off your setup, either at work or at home. People are always interested in finding out more about you and they enjoy getting a peek behind the scenes.

  • Share your opinions on a hot issue affecting your sector. Due to the enormous frequency of searches for current topics, this is an excellent approach to position oneself as an authority and allows you the possibility to reach a wider audience.

  • Customized in-person IG LIVE, FB LIVE, YouTube Live interviews. You can speak with members of your team, business partners, or industry influencers for interviews. anyone who is pertinent to your audience.

  • Streaming interviews online. People can be questioned anywhere in the world. Interviews provide you the chance to reach the interviewee's audience, which can then turn into your own.

  • Live broadcasting of events. Make sure to go live the next time you are at an event, even if it is your own. Share a little of what you are experiencing with your followers.

  • In your IG Live, FB Live, YouTube Live, show behind the scenes of a presentation, conference, upcoming big event, product launch, etc… The backstage area always piques people's interest.

  • Share case-studies which would increase customer attention towards your business. Case studies are a good way of learning and sharing information and experience.

  • Invite people in person. You can utilize live video to invite someone to an upcoming online or physical event. It's a fantastic way to spread word of the event and respond to inquiries from the public.

  • Talk to the people there. "What you'd tell your younger self?" and "Things I wish I knew before..." are frequent topics for live sessions. Something you wish you had been told that could be useful to others. If it strikes a chord with viewers, they'll spread the word about your video.

The real-time connection is the key to live broadcasting. All of these concepts for live streaming video can assist you in connecting with, expanding, and reaching your audience. You will have clients and supporters for life once you earn their trust and they feel like they know you.

Have you ever used one of these concepts for live streaming content? Which one would you advise?

The blog is compiled and written by Ms. Vidhi Thakar who is a content contributor on our website. If you have any questions or feedback, kindly please write back to us.

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