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Digital Marketing Flowchart | Social Media Marketing Search Engine Marketing SMO SEO | Monkey Ads

The Digital Marketing Flowchart

a. I am going to talk about various activities which are an integral part of your brand’s digital marketing. At the end of the video, you will know what is needed for successful digital marketing. Before that, I will request you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Instagram.

b. Photos / Videos:

i. “If Digital Marketing is a car, the photos & videos are its fuel. If you want to drive far & long, you must have high-quality fuel for your car.”

ii. As a part of Monkey Studios, we are affiliated with premium production houses, photographers & video editors. We not only know how to drive your car of Digital Marketing, but we have the right capabilities to make high-quality fuel for it.

iii. Product Photography, Creative Photography, Model Photography, Corporate films, Documentaries, Drone Shoots, Ad Films, Short films, 360-degree photo videography, Reels with Content Creators, Memes – What we do, we know, we have done & what we can do for your Brand.

c. Website

i. Website is your Digital Showroom. Website is for every business be it Small, Medium, or Large Enterprise.

ii. Website is not limited to eCommerce, even Manufacturers or Service Providers must have an informative website with detailed information and call to action.

iii. Monkey Ads is affiliated with website developers who can work on Wix, WordPress, Shopify, and similar leading website development CMS platforms.

iv. Using the right mix of Textual Content, photos, videos, and static & motion graphics a website can be developed to build credibility as well as generate business opportunities.

v. A website can be eCommerce or a non-eCommerce. eCommerce websites are those where one can explore the products/services, place an order, make a payment, and get the delivery. Whereas a Non-eCommerce website is an informative website, it has photos/videos, but it is not having the functionality of making a payment.

d. SMO & SMM

i. The concept of OM in Digital Marketing: To build a brand and generate business from digital marketing, one needs to have the right mix of O for Optimisation and M for Marketing.

ii. When you regularly publish content in order to build engagement & authority with your audience without paying to the platforms it falls under O for Optimisation. When you pay the platforms to show your advertisements to the target group by segmenting falls under M for Marketing.

iii. O & M thus put together to make OM.

iv. Let’s understand Social Media Optimisation – SMO. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Twitter, Pinterest, and similar platforms are focused upon regarding SMO.

v. Having your brand’s identity created to build regular communication with the audience, using the latest tools or media options provided by the social media platforms all falls under SMO.

1. Profile pictures, cover images, posts, Images, Videos, Reels, Shorts, LIVE, Stories, Mentions, Tags, remixes, and so on are various media options available for SMO.

vi. SMO is also about engagement in terms of followers, likes, comments, shares, saves, tags, mentions, and so on.

vii. Content Strategy is the most crucial part of SMO. Impressive, interactive & engaging content is created with the right mix of text, photos, videos, static & motion graphics along with the right kind of audio.

viii. Surbhi & Palak along with their team at Monkey Ads have done it for over 100+ brands with a combined experience of 16 years in the field.

e. SEO & SEM

i. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of building the credibility and authority of your website in the eyes of the Search Engine. Google, Yahoo, and Bing are certain renowned Search Engines with Google being the most prominent one.

ii. SEO is divided into 2 parts: On-page SEO & Off-page SEO. The process of optimizing your website by improving its content and user experience falls under On-page SEO. The key activities include having the right keywords in the Title Tags, Meta Description, Alt Text, Headings, and the overall content on the website and so on.

iii. Off-page SEO is a process that involves building your website’s authority outside your website. Key activities include generating backlinks, guest blogging, content marketing, digital PR, social media, and so on.

iv. Surbhi & Palak along with their team at Monkey Ads have done it for over 100+ brands with a combined experience of 16 years in the field.

v. Search Engine Marketing is the process of gaining the top spot in the Search Results of a Search Engine by paying Google. SEO is a long-term process, more like Homeopathy whereas SEM is a quicker way to see immediate results, more like Allopathy.

vi. There are multiple formats of advertising on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) & Display Networks – Search, Display, Shopping, Video, Smart, Discovery & Performance Max.

vii. With Google Display Ads, you can advertise on key Google Products like YouTube or Gmail, or Maps, you can also advertise on leading news publication websites or a music website, and so on. In Sanskrit, we call it Atra Tatra Sarvatra, meaning “Here, there, and everywhere.” With the help of Google Ads, you can take your brand everywhere.

viii. For SEO as well as SEM, having an effective website is imperative.

ix. Surbhi & Palak along with their team at Monkey Ads have done it for over 100+ brands with a combined experience of 16 years in the field.

f. Influencer Marketing Management

i. A content creator having a community of followers, can influence them to make an informed decision about buying a product or service. Such content creators are called Influencers in the world of Digital Marketing.

ii. Right from identifying the right kind of influencers as per your company’s requirements to communicating with them and then further strategically executing campaigns with them is Influencer Marketing.

iii. Influencer Marketing on Instagram can help in building your brand whereas the same on YouTube can help you drive sales. This is a general observation and could vary from brand to brand.

iv. Influencer Marketing is on the rise and brands have started adapting it to build a strong engagement with the audience.

v. Monkey Ads is proficient in executing Influencer Marketing campaigns for your brand.

g. Digital PR Management

i. Business is about solving problems. When a business solves problems, it creates a positive impact on society. It thus deserves recognition.

ii. Identifying opportunities and creating newsworthy events and communication falls under Digital PR.

iii. Digital PR is about getting published in the leading online news publications.

iv. It helps to create a buzz about your brand, and helps in building credibility and trust.

v. Opt for Monkey Ads Digital PR management solutions.

h. eCommerce & Social Commerce

i. The process of doing selling & purchasing transactions with the help of the internet falls under eCommerce.

ii. A business can sell its products or services on eCommerce marketplaces as well as its own website.

iii. Examples of eCommerce Marketplaces for a D2C brand are Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Meesho, Tata Cliq, and so on. For a grocery or FMCG brand, online grocery stores like BigBasket, Swiggy Instamart, Amazon Groceries, or Flipkart Groceries are important.

iv. For a manufacturer or service providers, local directories like IndiaMart, JustDial, and TradeIndia are as good as eCommerce marketplaces.

v. Social Commerce is a subset of eCommerce. Using social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram DM, and Facebook Messenger, or going LIVE on social media to transact your business falls under social commerce.

vi. Shopsy from Flipkart or Meesho are examples of Reseller based social commerce.

vii. Social Commerce will also help you tap the tier 3 and 4 cities of India.

viii. Empower your business with the power of eCommerce & Social Commerce to take the leap of progress.

i. Sales

i. The ultimate goal after Brand Awareness for a business is to generate sales.

ii. Generate B2C, B2B, and Institutional Sales or even build channel partners with the help of digital marketing.

iii. If you are doing digital marketing and are unable to generate business from it, then you are just doing graphic designing.

iv. Strategise with the experienced and educated team of Monkey Ads led by Surbhi & Palak to grow your brand and business.

j. Conclusion

i. This is the flowchart of Digital Marketing, and it is a continuous process.

ii. Digital Marketing is not a fling, it is a marriage. Choosing the right partner in marriage is extremely crucial.

iii. So, choose the experienced and educated team of Digital Marketing Specialists at Monkey Ads.

iv. Combined Experience of 16+ years

v. The leadership team comprises Ms. Surbhi Saxena Madhwani who has Learnt Entrepreneurship Development from IIM Bengaluru and the Indian School of Business.

vi. And Mr. Palak Madhwani has a Global MBA specializing in Marketing from Liverpool John Moore’s University, United Kingdom, and a PGPM from IMT Ghaziabad.

vii. Surbhi & Palak are your Engineers in Advertising with a skilled team of brand managers to help you take #CHHALANG – the leap of progress.

viii. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss about your brand’s future with the power of Digital Marketing.

#KaroManKi – Maaro Chhalang

Disclaimer: All the logos and brands mentioned in the video have been used for information purposes only.

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