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How to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? | Agriculture Products, Agrotech | Digital Marketing

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

In the world of Online Marketing, SEO is one of the most crucial methodologies for spreading the word about your Digital Dukaan.

Let us take the example of one of our clients - Utkarsh Agrochem.

Utkarsh Agrochem is into the products connected with Agriculture and Horticulture. Led by a Chemical Engineer and a Management graduate - Mr. Sameer Allawadi, Utkarsh Agrochem focuses on the profitability of farmers.

We follow the below steps for Search Engine Optimization:


The first task is to find out relevant keywords for the brand. We use Google Keyword Planner.

As Utkarsh Agrochem is working on its Website, presence on Amazon, and social media for a long time, Google Keyword Planner is able to recommend some ideas for their kind of business. We need to cross-check the same with the client before we directly start using them.

It is important to have a crosscheck on Google's search results as well. It will help us to verify the right keywords as well as to know the competitors working on those keywords.

As we studied this keyword "bio fertilizer", it is a very generic keyword and has a lot many results that may not be for a sales transaction for a company like Utkarsh Agrochem. As biofertilizer is a very generic terminology, it is observed that it is more often used for academic and educational purposes as compared to its use for SEO of a brand like Utkarsh Agrochem.

So it is important to understand the relevance of the keyword before we start working on it.

We searched for the keyword: phosphorus solubilizing bacteria

If you will observe the results of this keyword search as on date i.e. 29 Sep 2020 when this blog is being written, we find very few companies targetting it. It does not necessarily imply that it is not in demand nor it means that there are only a few companies dealing in it.

If you go further in the search results, the Amazon listing done by one of the companies from Kerala dealing in this product is shown.

If you click on the same, then you can find Utkarsh Agrochem is also suggested in Amazon for that product. This suggestion depends on various factors like the location of the searcher, the performance of the brand on Amazon, and so on.

We have to optimize between the keywords suggested by Google Keyword Planner and as per the actual products of Utkarsh Agrochem while choosing the keywords to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

Shortlisted keywords from the Google Keyword Planner are:

bio fertilizer

phosphorus solubilizing bacteria

micronutrient fertilizer

water soluble fertilizers

neem cake

npk 19 19 19

organic manure

monoammonium phosphate fertilizer

boron organic fertilizer

humic acid

The other keywords to focus on will be the name of their products in sync with their technical generic names commonly used by their consumers.

You can find the list of their products on their website or on their Amazon's company page.

We will compile the shortlisted keywords in a Google Sheet and share it with our Content Team to work on the same while they are making content for blogs or social media posts.

On-Page SEO | Content

Title Tag on Website

Every page on the website has a Title Tag. We have to give a unique title tag to each page. We should ideally have relevant title tags within 65 characters (200-569 pixels). We should try and include the most important keywords of the website on the Title Tag at the same time not overdo SEO keywords in the title tags.

Title Tags are very important as they appear on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), Web Browers, and Social Media.

You may find at times Title Tags of certain webpages are appearing longer than others it is because of the characters used in the same. Thinner letters like l or i will consume lesser space and result in longer appearances compared to letters like w and so on.

Digital Marketing | | India

We must update the Title Tag of Utkarsh Agrochem as:

Title tag: Manufacturer of Biofertilizers, Organic Manure | Utkarsh Agrochem

Title tag: Botanical Fungicide for Gardening & Plants | Utkarsh Agrochem

We need to make Google Sheet where we have all the Title Tags mentioned besides each URL.

You can use tools like to count the characters. There are other applications of this tool like measuring the density of the keywords and similar as well.


Meta Description on Website

Meta Description is the description of your webpage which appears in the Search Results on the SERP as you can see in the below screenshot.

The ideal size of the Meta Description is 70 to 160 characters (600 to 940 pixels).

The recommended Meta Description will be updated on the Google Sheet.

Example for the Home page:

Bio fertilizers, Organic Manure, Insecticide, NPK Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizer for Hydroponics, Aquarium Plants, Gardening & Plants, Botanical Gardening, Root

We have tried to cover maximum Keywords.

HTML Headings

Headings will play a crucial role when the Search Engine is trying to identify the crux of the content on your website's pages. Cover the most important keywords in the headings with <H1> tag. Also, avoid duplicating the title tag content in the header tag.

Keep at maximum 1 <H1> tag on each of your web pages. Use HTML5 to include more than one per page.

You can use multiple <H2> to <H6> tags.

<H1> Bio Fertilizers for Crops, Root, Gardening & Plants

<H2> Organic Manure

<H2> Insecticides

<H2> Fertilizers

<H3> Organic Fertilizers

<H3> NPK Fertilizers

<H3> Water Soluble Fertilizers

<H2> Insecticides

<H4> Kitchen Gardening, Aquarium Plants, Botanical Gardening, Hydroponics, Plant for Home

<H5> Phosphorus solubilizing Bacteria, Neem Cake, NPK 19 19 19

<H6> Monoammonium Phosphate, Fertilizer Boron, Humic Acid


Content Analysis and Development

We have to have the right content for our audience as well as for the search engine on our web pages. Please ensure to have the right mix of the keywords in your content in Text form.

You can cover various keywords in different sections on the page.

Keyword Density is the number of times a particular keyword is mentioned divided by the total number of words multiply it by 100 to get the %age. Ideally, the density of the keyword should be at a maximum of 2%.

Google's search engine will not appreciate it if too many times a particular keyword has been mentioned on the web page and on the other hand if it is mentioned less than a certain number of times then Google may ignore it.

So while writing a blog or content for your website, ensure that you do not stuff too many keywords and result in over-optimization.

For, the keyword density checker shows that the density is not above 2% but at the same time some important keywords are not available on the page. We have used the HTML Headings content in order to infuse important keywords on the webpage. We have to take care that we do not do stuffing and result in over-optimization.

We have to ensure to test the content being designed and developed in terms of the blogs must be sent through the Keyword Density Checker and then published on the website.

Tools for checking Keyword Density on your web page:

Alt Attribute

Images are a crucial part of any modern-day website. In the website world, the images are described using Alternative Text known as Alt Attribute of the Images. It should be a simple one-line description of what is there in the image.

Alt Attribute is used by screen readers for visually challenged users. It is also shown when the images somehow fail to get loaded because of a broken link or slow internet connectivity. It is also used by Google's Image Search.

Recommended Alt Text has been mentioned on the Google Sheet.

Tools for checking Alt Text for Images on your web page:

In-Page Links

We will be working on the "Link Juice". The value that one web-page passes to another is referred to as Link Juice. In order to have an optimal link juice for the website, we have to work on the Internal Links and External Links.

There is no exact number of links to be put on a web-page but ideally, it should be less than 200 in total.


Anchor Text is also crucial when it comes to page links. It is the text which is linked to the relevant page. Ideally, it could have keywords and it should be relevant to the content which is linked to it. It usually appears in an Underlined format with blue or red color.

We will plan relevant URLs on the web-pages of Utkarsh Agrochem's website. The easiest ones could be, linking internal pages from the home page, linking social media handles, and so on.


SEO Score as of 27 Nov 2020


The language detected should be the same as the language declared. It is important to declare the language and country if the website is focussing on multiple countries or languages. In the case of Utkarsh Agro, it is found that the language detected matches the language declared.

In the future, when we grow it to multiple countries and languages then it is very important to declare the right language and country using the hreflang tags for Google and content-language meta tag while focussing on International SEO.


Web Feeds

Web feeds are used to give information to our audience without them manually visiting the website. Web feeds can be used for product alerts, news, blog updates, and similar application. The most widely used formats are RSS, JSON, and ATOM. Adding Web Feeds depends on the platform on which the website has been developed. We will be working in detail to develop this in the later stage of the SEO.


URL Resolve

The search engine will treat and as two different websites and it may end up considering a lot of duplicate content. All versions of our website (i.e. Magnadism) point to the same URL and hence we are protected from the issue of Duplicate Content.

Duplicate content will result in the lowest rating of the page and should be strictly avoided.

A web-page accessible via HTTP and HTTPS protocols may also result in the challenge of Duplicate Content. Multiple versions of a web-page with the same or identical content for different purposes like a separate print version or for sorting etc may as well result in Duplicate Content.

Canonical URL

We have to add a Canonical tag in the Meta Tag to all the other versions of the web-page with the original source web-page in order to let Google show the right page in the search results.

For the case of, we will have to put the Canonical tag in the <head> of all other versions as below:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />



At times you want to disallow Googlebot and other search engine bots to access certain pages of your website. A robots.txt file is used to direct the web crawler to an XML sitemap.

On testing for various search engines, it is found that the Robots.txt file for Utkarsh Agrotech is appropriately set.

XML Sitemap

XML = Extensible Markup Language

The list of URLs available to index is mentioned in XML Sitemap. Updates in the site, frequency of changes, and the importance of the URLs are also covered here.

The URLs which have to be blocked from the search engine are to be mentioned in the Robots.txt file and the Robots.txt file should also have the link to the XML sitemap.

Below is the screenshot showing the current status of the Sitemaps:


Sitemaps Validity

There are certain parameters that need to be ensured while generating Sitemaps. The same can be optimized using Google Search Console.

There are 5 URLs in the Utkarsh Agrotech website's sitemap which has errors. The same has been updated in the SEO action sheet.

URL Parameters
Hreflang tags

Hreflang tags are used when our website is being targeted to different countries and/or different language readers. By clearly telling Google about which language and country our website's particular web-page is targeting will help in the SEO.

There are no alternate links as of now for Utkarsh Agrotech. Whenever we will be planning another language or country to target, we will be requiring to use appropriate Hreflang tags.

Broken Links

Broken Links are those parts of your Digital Dukaan (website) that do not have a destination on the link created. This is really not a good sign and it adversely impacts the user experience as well as SEO.

We will be doing the Broken Link analysis for each web-page and working on removing any broken links, The homepage is free of broken links as of now.

Free Tools for checking Broken Links on your web page:

Avoid Underscores in the URL

Underscores in the URL are not recognized by Google. A hyphen (-) is the standard word separator in the world of Google.

For an instance: =

Discovered Pages

SEO tools identify this metric only for verifying whether your website's indexing is being done correctly. This number will not directly impact the ranking but it is good for identifying any abnormality in terms of indexing of the web-pages.

A lower number on this parameter indicates bots are unable to discover pages which can happen because of poor site architecture. An abnormally high number may indicate duplication.

As already covered above, XML Sitemap submission and canonical tags are very important activities in SEO. So is Building backlinks which we will cover progressively.


Mobile Friendliness

A mobile responsive website is a must in today's world where the majority of the users use our website on their mobile phones. A responsive web design is a must in today's world of SEO.

Utkarsh Agrochem's website is a good mobile responsive website.

Mobile Rendering

Tap Targets

As the name suggests, the Tap Targets are those links or buttons which are to be tapped by the user for some action on the website using their finger/thumb. If the tap targets are too close then it may result in an inadvertent response which is not good for the user experience. The recommended minimum space between 2 tap targets is 8 pixels from all sides.

Recommended tool for identifying tap targets:

No Plugins

The best experience for the user is to be able to open our website on any of the devices they use. At times for certain applications, you may require to add a plugin to your website but that will impact the user experience. Example Flash, Silverlight, or Java, and similar plugins should be avoided from your website.

Font Size Legibility

It is important to have the right font size (at least 12 pixels) so that the user can easily read the content.

Mobile Viewport

The width of the viewport may vary from device to device even in various mobile phones which are of different make and different sizes. It is very important to have the right viewport definition. One should not simply put a large absolute CSS width for page elements, Use CSS media queries to apply different styles as per the screen size. The best practice is to serve images in responsive sizes.

Mobile Frameworks

Structured Data

Open Graph Protocol
Twitter Card


Email Privacy
SSL Secure
Avoid Mixed Content of HTTPS and HTTP


Asset Minification
Asset Compression
Asset Cacheability


Server Uptime
Server IP


Custom 404 Page
Domain Registration
Domain Availability
Typo Availability


Backlinks Score

The most important part of Search Engine Optimization is Backlinks. It gives a very High Impact and it is relatively difficult to score. We will be working on this rigorously for Utkarsh Agrochem's website.

A general example of generating a backlink is shown below:

For promoting the services of search engine optimization, the phrase search engine optimization has been anchored with a link, click to know more. This has been shared on our website to help them generate a backlink.

Similarly, we must get our website listed on quality websites which can increase our domain authority.

Backlinks Counter
Referring Domains

Traffic Estimations
Traffic Rank
Mobile visits

Google Analytics

Local Directories

Social Media Engagement
Social Media Pages

A detailed explanation of each of the pointer will be shared progressively. Stay tuned to follow the journey of SEO of Utkarsh Agrochem.


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