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Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Everyone and everything is on the internet and if your business is not, you are certainly on the missing out list. Things may change, but the nature of the internet of helping you grow your business will not.

Paddling the life-cycle a little back, we’ll see how the businesses survived on the newspapers and pamphlets for their advertisements. Back in that time, marketing any product on the television was expensive and spending so much money did not even guarantee the reach of the product but businesses didn’t have much of a choice. But today we stand over the technology all around us helping us and supporting our businesses to grow. There is probably nothing that technology cannot do for you. And aren’t we all already acknowledged with this fact?

Acknowledgement and execution are two ends of a pole. Everyone knows what to do but the how-to strategy is missing. This is where Monkey Ads come in., they bring to you the missing piece of your puzzle of success. And therefore, you need online marketing and an agency to maintain it for you.


How much ever you emphasise on this, it’ll never be enough. It is researched and proven that the age group of 16-64 spends an average of 6 hours 36 minutes roughly on the internet daily. It is seen that there is an upward shift of 8.2% in the graph of total internet users annually – Courtesy: Hootsuite. However, if you think digitalization of your business will not help you, even after seeing these numbers, I’m afraid that you’re highly mistaken. Social media can be seen as a magic wand for all your marketing needs. It gives you a platform to reach millions of users through your phone. What is better than letting your product or service become your identity, while you can sit behind and connect with thousands of people at your fingertip? It all however depends on how innovatively you present your product/service out there.


“Your target audience is here online, surfing for the products they need, and your competitors are here as well. So, even if you have better products and pricing scheme who’ll know and how because your visibility will be zero if you are not online!!!!” Beware- your loss is the gain of your competitors. If you are still not online and marketing your products digitally, trust me your competitors are benefitting through it. Going digital not only means you reach your target audience. Of course, you do, but the trick is in maintaining your digital platform so uniquely and making it accessible that the customers come to you. KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE BETTER

Social media comes with a cluster of algorithms. It helps you keep a track of what your target audience is liking and disliking and what they are currently interested in. This will not only help you know them better but also help you improve your quality of products and service.

Social media provides you with a platform to interact with your customers and your potential customers closely. If you keep a track of what they are expecting from you and deliver the same energy, you’ll be earning more and more customer satisfaction points. These customers won't only become loyal to your brand but will also become your brand promoters. PROVIDES CONVENIENCE AT BOTH THE ENDS

The online market is open and available for 24 hours for each day of the week. It is like a medical store that is always open for your convenience. It doesn’t tie the customers to visit the store in particular hours only nor does it tie you in any burden of communicating with them during your work hours. They get the comfort of visiting your store without actually walking down the street and shop in the range they really wish to buy. It also provides you with a larger space for running a greater number of campaigns altogether.


These are all just facts yet to be put into action. Anyone and everyone can guide you through the facts and figures of the significance of online marketing but it is in your hands to decide how to market your product. Just like your financial needs requires a financial planner or manufacturing needs requires a manufacturer, your marketing needs also requires a marketing agency that can plan, organise, direct, and control the different dimensions of your business and help you climb the ladder of success.

It is rightly quoted that – “Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone.” And it is actually high time we all understand this.

If you are a manufacturer selling PAN India and beyond, then do connect with Monkey Ads. If you are into the trading, retails, wholesale, or service industry then you can opt for their Power-packed Workshop on Digital Marketing exclusively for a Business Owner with his team.

Written by:

Beepasha Madhwani

Affiliate Writer with Monkey Ads

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