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How to work on same file at same time from different devices? Microsoft 365 | Excel, Word, PPT

Are you still using the age old method of collaborating on a common Excel / Word / PPT file by sending it through attachments via email and then making revisions one by one on it?

We are in the age of cloud computing. The technology has reached to a stage where you can work in real time sitting across at different places across the globe on the same file.

Some of you might have already told yourself that we can do all these using Google Sheets. You are right but still have a read at this to change the way you collaborate and increase your efficiency.

Pricing of Microsoft 365

Via Google Play Store

Via their own website

Click on the link to see the plans:

I recommend to opt for Microsoft 365 Family plan for an organization with 2 to 6 users. You can multiple subscriptions if your organization has more than 6.

If you will observe that the pricing for Microsoft 365 Family is ₹460 / month. *as on date while writing this blog i.e. 12th April 2021.

The deliverable in this amount are really worth each Rupee spent. Have a look at the same in the below screenshots.

I am not going to compare this with Google's G Suite. That is for some other day.

But I can tell you with some confidence that Microsoft 365 is a better and a cheaper option.

I have linked the pricing page of Google's Workspace for your reference.

Getting 6 TB for 6 Users i.e. 1 TB per user is an excellent storage space.

Get rid of those, and so on in order to use the free 15 GB.

This space is not just for your email but you can sync up to 5 devices per user i.e. 6 x 5 = 30 devices.

So you can sync your photos and docs from your phone and other devices as well on the same drive.

You can work from anywhere and from any device because you can access OneDrive from any computer connected to the internet.

The superb feature of this pack is you get the most advanced version of Office 365 apps now called as Microsoft 365 Apps.

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Word

  • OneNote

  • Outlook

  • OneDrive

Having licenced MS Office pack is always recommended for secured and smooth usage.

Get rid of all those crack versions today.

The best part is you can access these apps across 5 devices per user. So if first you started working on your desktop at your office and then you had to travel. Do not worry, open your laptop, sign in to your Microsoft Account and resume working on the same point where you left.

You do not need to attach the file via email.

It autosaves your work directly into the cloud. Even if there is a power cut in between while you are working, do not worry because all your work before a few seconds of the power cut would have been saved.

Apart from this, if you need to work with multiple team members on the same file then you can give access to them and you all can work in parallel on the same file at the same time from different devices.

You can run these apps in the browser as well as desktop app. There are various other advantages which you can explore as per your business. Do share those with me on my LinkedIn or WhatsApp or here in comments.

Please find below the other features of Microsoft 365.

How to buy Microsoft 365 via Google Play Store?

Signup and create an account on the same.

Then follow the below steps to purchase the subscription via Google Play Store.

You Google Play Store account will have this subscription listed in your Subscriptions space.

Select the Diamond icon on top right corner besides the Search icon.

Then choose your plan and do the payment.

You can manage your entire family from Microsoft OneDrive browser access on your computer.

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Read more at the below links to explore the advanced features of Microsoft 365 and cloud collaboration.

We will come up with a detailed explanation in a separate blog on how to use alias and create unlimited email addresses with your company's domain name at a negligible amount.


Image courtesy:

Microsoft OneDrive

Google Play Store

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