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We are the Architects for your Digital Dukaan!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

The world of Digital Marketing is evolving rapidly. An online marketing strategy made just 14 days ago may need a radical change today. The ease of accessing information has brought along with it a lot of confusion and commotion as well. It is very crucial to have a well defined digital marketing strategy.

I will like to share my view on how we make Digital Dukaan vs Physical Dukaan.

Digital Dukaan includes your website, your social media handles, and all those modes of communication where you can do the business transactions without physical meeting.

Physical Dukaan is your boutique, office, or showroom in the physical world.

What do you do when you plan to launch a physical dukaan?

You will definitely start by looking for an appropriate location, amenities nearby, ease of reaching the location, and so on. Once you finalize the location, you will hire an Architect and a Project Management Consultant (PMC) to help you ready your physical dukaan (office, showroom, etc)

But when it comes to developing a Digital Dukaan, you will call out several website developers, shortlist one as per his experience with website work and price and ask him to develop it all by himself. The majority of website developers lack the skills of branding and marketing agency. Also often you leave it all on your website developer to develop the whole project. He keeps on following up for the required data from the owner of the company and the project takes months and months to get completed in some cases whereas in some it gets stuck in between. Talking about social media handles, still many people do not know the difference between a Facebook account and a Facebook page. Keying your mobile number and signing up for an Instagram account is just the very first step.

Whereas in the case of your physical dukaan, you will give your time and inputs even in selecting the type of commodes & urinals to be kept in the toilet.

Even after somehow with a lot of followups and hard efforts when the website gets ready there is hardly any effort done to promote it. Whereas in the case of a physical dukaan, you will be inviting all your clients and well-wishers to visit it with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. When they come to see it, you will be showing them the entire space because you believe that it is your dream project and a milestone in your business career.

We want to bring a change in this approach. We want to be your Architect for your Digital Dukaan. We want to see the same enthusiasm and zeal when it comes to making your Digital Dukaan.

Just like an architect gives his service for making your physical dukaan by providing below things, we will like to do the same for your Digital Dukaan.

  • Design Options

  • Timeline

  • Budget

  • Prerequisites

  • Photography

  • Content

  • Pre-production

  • Post-production

  • Launching

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Continuous development

  • Security

Just like the role of the Architect and his team is to coordinate with all the vendors and to ensure the project runs through the defined timeline within deadlines and gets completed successfully, we will be doing the same for the Digital Dukaan.

It is very important for the client to have a single-window communication so that he can peacefully focus on his primary work and the entire part of followup and execution of development of the Digital Dukaan is done by a professional company with experience in digital marketing and brand communication.

Yes, we are the Architects of your Digital Dukaan!

We are here to bring the disruption in digital marketing.

Share your views in the comments. Stay tuned.

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