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WhatsApp वाली Digital Dukaan | Sell your products using Business WhatsApp Catalogue

Are you using WhatsApp for your business communication? If yes, then this blog is going to take you from good to better in your usage of WhatsApp.

If you are not using WhatsApp for your business communication, then this blog is must for you.

I am writing WhatsApp here in general but as a business, we have to use Business WhatsApp application. A user can be on any of the two to be able to consume the functionalities as an end user.

A detailed explanation on all the features of Business WhatsApp apart from WhatsApp cart are available at this blog of ours - How to use Business WhatsApp in your Digital Dukaan?. Do not forget to read it before implementing Business WhatsApp in your business communication.

Here we are going to talk about the feature of WhatsApp Cart. If you are having multiple products, then this feature is a superb thing for you.

A regular communication of placing order with number of items and price mentioned against it, can be done and stored for future.

Advantages of having a WhatsApp Catalog:

  • Standardization in Communication

  • Much quicker than typing or sharing from gallery or some other WhatsApp group

  • Gives a detailed presentation of the product/service being offered

  • You can even put pricing, link to the product page on your website and so on.

Now with the help of Cart, businesses can take order of multiple items in one go.

The key difference is that the customer can now select multiple products and send in 1 message instead of messaging individually on each product listed in the catalog.

This is a great facility for those where repeated orders are placed for different quantities of various listed items. You will find the option of payment soon coming in place for processing the cart. As of now, the order is to be considered as confirmed, only if the business representative accepts it and responds to the customer.

If you will click on you will see the business catalog which I have listed on my Business WhatsApp account.

Create your catalog and share the link to your prospect customers. You can create your catalog link only if you are on Business WhatsApp and have products/services listed on your catalog.[mobile_number_with_country_code] 

You can see the above link for my catalog and correlate accordingly. 

If you will observe there are 2 icons on the top right corner:

  1. Cart - We will discuss further in this blog

  2. Link - Already explained above. You can have such links for each individual product/service listing as well. It will have an additional identifier attached to the link shown above.

WhatsApp Cart for the Customer

Please bear with longer images because we have to use screenshots from WhatsApp for better explanation.

We are thankful to Mr. Sameer Allawadi who is the owner of for allowing us to use their Business WhatsApp catalog as the case study.

We are proud to be working as the Digital Marketing Consultant of Utkarsh Agro.

The team Utkarsh is really proactive and has updated its WhatsApp catalog well in advance.

As visible in the screenshot, the products are listed professionally as they are listed on any eCommerce platform like Amazon or Flipkart. There is a long list of guidelines on the images for the marketplaces which we will take in our blog on eCommerce business practices in future.

If a business is not having such professional photos, then ideally it should go for that first. Meanwhile, they should upload whatever best available. If the business is such where the product design keeps on changing then it will have to go with best possible and available photos.

If the customer will select any of the products from the catalog, it will open up the detailed description page of the product where he/she can "Add to Cart"

Once customer will do that, he/she will find a number shown on their cart icon throughout their flow on the catalog's various pages.

The customer can "Add to Cart" from different products listed as per the requirement.

Then he/she can click on the Cart icon and go to the list of items in his/her cart. There, the quantities can be modified and a combined list of items can be sent in 1 common message along with a custom text as instructions or special note.

Please have a look at the below slider to know about the same.

One can refer this video for the best understanding of the WhatsApp Cart from the Customer perspective.

WhatsApp Cart for the Business

Once a customer sends the selected items, the business can respond to him/her to process the order and complete the delivery.

Of course, before a customer can select items from your catalog, add to cart and place an order, the business has to ready it's WhatsApp Dukaan.

So, switch to Business WhatsApp if not done yet and list your products on the catalog. Share the catalog or the particular product instead of sending multiple photos. This will really give a very professional impact and bring positive results for your business.

Before you start, keep these things ready:

  • Name of products/services you want to list

  • Brief description for each product/service

  • Price (Optional)

  • Link

  • Item Code (For your own reference): This will help to differentiate between various SKUs.

  • Photos

If you want to see a step by step video on how to create WhatsApp catalog, then refer this video.

Do share your feedback on WhatsApp or LinkedIn with me.

Stay tuned for more such blogs on using the most advanced tools of Social Media and Search Engine in your Digital Dukaan.

"We are the Architects of your Digital Dukaan."


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