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Digital Marketing Coaching Cum Consulting | Handholding course for Business Owners and their team

Exclusively curated digital marketing course curated for Business Owner and their team.

This course is curated to provide you digital marketing coaching in the form of consulting.

It will be a minimum 3 months association of our Ads Pack, where we run ads for your company and show you how to do it yourself.

This is the best way to practically implement the learning and see how it turns out for your business.

Course Content
  • Social Media Marketing

    • Facebook & Instagram

    • Campaign Creation & Optimization

    • Lead Generation / Website Clicks / Page Likes / Post Boost

    • Re-targeting / Custom Targeting

  • Search Engine Marketing

    • Ads on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) - Google Ads

    • Display Ads on Google Display Network

    • Google Products - Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Maps & More

    • Display Networks like News websites, Music sites & More

    • Customized landing page will be at additional cost

  • Boost Budget Additional, Payable from your Credit Card

    • Recommended Boost Budget: ₹35,000 to ₹1,00,000

  • Above charges applicable up to boost budget of ₹1,00,000

  • 1 CRM User Account

  • Complete Content & Graphics to be provided by client

  • 10% Management Fees for execution of third party work

Additionally, guidance and references of Content Creation.

Timeline & Key Points

Couse duration is of min. 3 months.

  1. At Monkey Ads office:

    1. We will have a physical kick off meeting to understand what is the knowledge gap and objectives.

    2. It can be Google Meet for those companies who are outside our city.

    3. Tentative duration of the meeting will be 60 to 90 mins.

    4. It will be pre-scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

  2. Breakup of the Course Content

    1. Within 7 working days, we will provide a detailed time line of the course content after analysing the knowledge gap.

    2. The service period will begin post that.

  3. Important Points to note

    1. You must prepare the required graphics, video and communication on the committed timelines, to be able to successfully run the ads and show you practically.

    2. We will provide you with following tool templates:

      1. Corporate Identity Creation / Optimisation Sheet

      2. Social Media Marketing Planner

      3. Search Engine Marketing Planner

      4. Social Media Calendar

      5. Fill them up and use them to be better prepared for your company's marketing.

  4. Communication throughout the 3-month course

    1. Exclusive WhatsApp Group for your company

      1. You can put any query in the same, our team will respond to that on the next working day.

      2. You can schedule a Google Meet / Phone call whenever necessary. Request you to responsibily use the time of each other.

    2. Zoom Meeting

      1. Whenever our team will be running ads for your company, they will be showing you via Zoom Meeting / Screen sharing.

      2. Above such meetings will be scheduled at mutually convenient times in advance.

    3. Physical Meeting Sessions at Monkey Ads office

      1. In the first month: 4 Sessions of 90 to 120 mins. 1 every week.

      2. In the second and third month: 3 + 3 Sessions of 90 to 120 mins. 1 every 10 days.

      3. The time may vary depending on the knowledge gap.

  5. Topics / Content outside the Course Content

    1. Basic queries which is outside the course content will be addresses on the go.

    2. Advanced queries outside the course content will have to be considered as a separate course and charged separately.

TRAINER: Palak Madhwani

Fees of the Course

₹50,000 + GST per month.

Min. duration of association: 3 months.

Payment terms: Monthly Advance.


This course is ideal for business owners who are looking forward to learn digital marketing and implement it themselves for their business.

The course has been designed after years of experience in consulting and coaching.

We understand the struggles of business owners best when it comes to executing their digital marketing.

Enroll today.

To know more about our success stories and testimonials refer:

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