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How to win friends in BNI & influence people? Personal Branding | Communication | Networking

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Personal Branding is not just about getting thousands of followers or blue tick verification on your social media, it is about reaching the Right People @ Right Place @ Right Time.

I am reading multiple books right now and listening to multiple audio books. In one of them I read about the ERO equation. Event + Response = Outcome.

The ERO equation is perfectly apt with the Communication scenario. The way we respond to someone will determine whether we will be able to establish a strong relationship with that person or not. So, before you respond to someone, please be careful.

You may feel that what has “Driving a Car” to do with Communication?

We constantly read or hear from webinars that it is extremely crucial to take care before we respond to someone. One may feel that how to take care of so many things in day-to-day communication.

Remember when you were learning to drive the car. Your trainer might have told you the names of several parts of the car – Accelerator, Brake, Clutch, Gearbox, Steering, Rear view mirrors and so on. Wasn’t that too overwhelming to remember when you started? But today you can drive a car without thinking about any parts. Your brain and body do it automatically without even your conscious effort.

Same thing can be achieved with almost anything and Communication is no exception.

How to increase the V in the VCP formula in BNI or any networking organization?

Visibility (V) x Credibility (C) = Profitability (P)

What is Personal Branding?

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How to build a Personal Brand? using BNI Connect

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This is my BNI profile page which shows my details to anyone who searches about me:

How to build a Personal Brand? using Business WhatsApp

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How to build a Personal Brand? using LinkedIn & Social Media

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How to build a Personal Brand? using YouTube / Instagram Reels

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How to build a Personal Brand? in Zoom Meeting

When you join any Zoom meeting ensure the below mentioned things for being searchable and reachable:

  • Your full name as mentioned in your chapter’s slides / roster book for BNI members

  • You can add suffix / prefix. Eg: Chapter Name in a cross-chapter meeting or trainings like this OR your brand’s name

  • Ensure to have your professional profile picture

  • Please keep your video ON with a professional attire and background, name badge, pins etc

  • Please keep your audio mute and when you switch on the microphone ensure that you are not surrounded by noises

  • Constantly engage in the chatbox. Often when you message in the chatbox, the speaker will tend to call out your name. This will help you grow your visibility.

  • Bring something in the I HAVE part every week in your BNI weekly meetings

  • Participate actively in weekly presentation themes

How to build a Personal Brand? using Offline Assets

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Guerrilla Ideas of Networking

Generating referral using WhatsApp message

The above message has converted into a business worth

₹2,00,00,000+ ~ ₹2 Crore+

“One of my business associates - Mr. Palak Madhwani from Monkey Ads is doing amazing work in providing Digital Marketing Consultancy. 

They are experts at bringing results in terms of sales for their clients with the help of Google and Facebook Ads. They work only with Manufacturers who are selling PAN India and beyond. 

Can I connect him with you?”

Make sure that you send this by copy + paste and not as forwarded message for the best results.


Format of writing One to One in WhatsApp group

121 meeting
Mr. Ankur Mehta
Mr. Palak Madhwani 

Crescent Opto Pvt Ltd - HO

Manufacturer of LED Lighting - 2000 different variants

The real Make In India Manufacturing process with ingenious design and development of products. 

Special range in the name of Beat The Chinese to beat the Chinese LED Lights in the market. Really Inspired by this thought.

He is looking for B2B Business Associations and hence the best referrals are distributors, stockists, dealers, retailers who are dealing in Electrical products.

A Electrical Contractor is also a good referral because he can further connect him to B2B Associations 

#LEDLights #Manufacturer #MakeInIndia #BeatTheChinese

Mr. Ankur Mehta himself is the brain behind the Design & R&D of his LED Lights.

Make sure to Tag the person whom you mention in WhatsApp Group.

Apart from the above there are various other innovations you can do. One of our chapter members starts with a Positive quote in relation to the other member or his company and then mentions about his one to one experience with that person.

There is another member who has started describing one to one experience via Video.


Memory Hooks in Weekly Presentation

  • Kayde ko Fayde me badal denge

  • Navin se Nahi to Kahi se Nahi

  • Karo Man Ki

  • Raho na Devdas, photo padao bindas

  • Investment ke Ideas matlab Finideas

  • Come to the Range for more range in your range



“The average person is more interested in her own name than in all the other names on earth put together.” - Dale Carnegie

  • Remember Names

  • Calling someone on his birthday to wish him personally without sounding like a salesman


Recommending on Social Media

  • Tag or recommend your fellow members on various social media networking groups like Surat Networking by mentioning his name along with his website.

  • The inquiry may or may not be useful but to him, but the mention of his website will help in his Search Engine Optimization.


Testimonial on Social Media

  • You can give Testimonial via Text / Video on Social Media

  • Give Google Reviews / Recommendation on LinkedIn like you do on BNI Connect.

Follow the Basics
  • One to Ones

  • Referrals

  • Visitors

  • Taking a Role

  • Getting TYFCB

  • Testimonials

  • Training

  • Traffic Lights

  • Being Present

  • Participate in Socials


"To be interesting, be interested." - Dale Carnegie

  • How to increase the V in the VCP formula?

  • Visibility (V) x Credibility (C) = Profitability (P)

  • How to Win Friends in BNI & Influence People?

  • Grab the attention of fellow members in the right way in the ONLINE Networking World of BNI.

  • Grab the attention of members and visitors in Zoom Meetings.

  • Encash the excellent tools of Business WhatsApp for better communication

  • Tips & Tricks on using the WhatsApp Groups to grab visibility

  • Tips & Tricks on using Social Media to generate referrals

  • Highlight and get highlighted on Social Media using your BNI Chapter Community

There are innumerable techniques which a smart networker can use to develop his personal brand.

If you are being Visible by any of the above methods or a method of your own, you will be remembered by your fellow BNI members who can connect with you to the Right People @ Right Time @ Right Place.


Please share your feedback to me via Video or Message on WhatsApp.

Also, if you liked it please do give a recommendation on BNI Connect / LinkedIn or a Google Review.

Positive Quote

"Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind." - Dale Carnegie

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